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06/08/2014: who's looking after your world while you relax on holiday?

You may be reading this on holiday. You may already be back or you may still be looking forward to getting away. Whatever stage of the holiday hopscotch game you are at, there may well be somebody looking after, having looked after or just about to look after something for you so you can get away.

It could be something as simple as putting out a fresh lettuce leaf for your tortoise now and again, or they could be looking after your home or business.

Regardless of the scale, without that person, your holiday could well be compromised, or even become impossible. Showing you appreciate their good efforts with a Molly's Florist 'Just Because' bouquet is a great way of making itr easier to ask them to do the same for you next year! Quite apart from the enlightened self-interest aspect, it makes everyone feel great to show and to receive appreciation, so give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email to start spreading the smiles.

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02/10/2013: christmas wedding coming up? there is still time to get beautiful flowers for all your wedding needs

Getting married at Christmas is a lovely, romantic time. However, it does bring a lot of organising to an already busy time of year. At least when you come to Molly's Florist, you can relax about one vitally important job. Calling in for a chat with our skilled florists will make sure that all the floral needs, from a bouquet for the bride, posies for the bridesmaids, buttonholes, church and table decorations, through to a gift for the bride's mum will be created just the way you want them.

All you need to tell us is the overall colour scheme you want, any particular favourites that you have and your budget, then you can leave the rest to us. Your flowers will be delivered where you want at the right time, leaving you to relax and get on with the next in the list of a million and one jobs that accompanies every wedding.

Call us on the number above or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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06/09/2013: summer may be fading but autumn holds many colour opportunities

Autumn is the season of rich, vibrant colour and change. If you are getting married in autumn you have the opportunity to reflect the seasonís natural hues in your bouquets, buttonholes and displays. Talk to our trained florists about the timing and location of your wedding to create a unique look for your special day.

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04/06/2013: fathers day is coming soon. remember your dad

June the 16th is Father's Day and a good time to remember if your dad is no longer with you. From a simple posy to a custom made wreath, the presence of flowers to mark the passing shows you still remember, still care.

We also have a range of "In Loving Memory" candles starting at just £1.95, so pop in and talk over a suitable floral tribute for the most special man in anyone's life.

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04/06/2013: hornchurch high street re-opens!

After what seems a lifetime of roadworks and disruption, Hornchurch High Street is finally open again, making it much easier to drop in and talk over your flower needs.

Whether you want to send a personal or business gift, arranging a wedding or funeral, the personal touch can make all the difference in getting flowers exactly the way that you want them. Our team is always ready to spend time talking over flower arrangements and are highly trained to interpret your requests, making them into beautiful bouquets, wreaths and arrangements.

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08/05/2013: the new floor is down, up with the new floor!

After the flood waters had subsided, we had to close for a week while our new floor. It's a great relief to get back to normal and we hope that you haven't missed us too much while we have been away. The online shop is now open again for deliveries of flowers to famiiy, friends and colleagues, and as always, personal callers are more than welcome to pick up flowers or talk about arrangements for special occasions like weddings, funerals, corporate events or parties.

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05/04/2013: april showers?
With the seemingly endless delay in the arrival of spring, April showers are showers of snow rather than nice, flower friendly rain. If someone you love has a garden that is lagging behind, how about cheering them up by sending a lovely bouquet or arrangement from Molly's Florist?

You can bring a smile to the face of a loved one by reminding them of what sunshine and warmth can bring into their lives. From the simplest message of love to just one like "Hang on in there, winter can't last forever!", your flowers will carry whatever you want to say directly to the heart that matters most. It may be better to stick with the love message though, as nobody in Britain right now would believe the other one...

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07/03/2013: spring has sprung and a young man's thoughts turn to love (and flowers)
OK, you could be forgiven for thinking that spring has sprung a leak rather than just sprung, what with all the wet weather and so on. People really need cheering up when it is like this so how about showing that special someone just how special they are to you? You may not be able to catch a rainbow, but you can still bring some happiness and colour into their life with a lovely bouquet of seasonal spring time flowers.

They will have had plenty of practice in holding flowers through the intensive programme of umbrella use that has been forced upon us for so long now, so while their wrist is at the right angle for receiving a bouquet, make the most of it and share the love. It is spring after all!

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04/09/2012: sending your offspring to university?

If you have a youngster going off to university for the first time, or going back after the summer break, you will know all about how hard it is to see them go. If you are a mum waving a fond farewell to your daughter, how about sending her a nice bouquet to brighten up her home from home and let her know you are still thinking of her, even though you have to be apart for a while?

Dads can make mum's day too. Even though your son or daughter has gone to university for the greater good, they will still be missed by their mum. You can brighten up her day a bit by showing how much you care with a lovely bouquet from Molly's Florist. Just pick up the phone or order online, and our team of skilled florists will put together something to cheer up the lovely wife and mother who is missing her family.

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08/08/2012: molly's flowers on chinese television

Since the beginning of the 2012 Olympics in London, the Chinese media team has relied on Molly's Florist to provide a fresh floral display for their interview table every other day for the duration. Predominantly in national colour scheme for the team, every arrangement has to be similar enough to reinforce the image, while at the same time being different enough to look fresh.

To achieve this balance takes highly skilled florists with a great knowledge of what goes with what to present exactly the right image. Your floral gift may not end up on television but it will certainly receive the same attention and care to make sure that your meaning comes through loud and clear. Call us now or click in the header of any page to email us for something very special.

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08/07/2012: flowers in the rain and summertime blues...
It's funny how themes recur. Here we are in summertime and we all have the blues because it is raining cats and dogs just about everywhere. For those who can remember, Flowers in the Rain by the Move was the first record ever played on Radio One, yet still has relevance today. Just think of the smile you can put on the friend of a relative, friend or loved one by giving them some lovely flowers to look at instead of watching the rain fall. A 'Just Because' bouquet from Molly's Florist is the perfect way to show how much you care, especially when the weather makes travelling impossible and you can't be there in person...

Click here to send a 'Just Because' bouquet

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28/05/2012: celebrate the sunshine!
With the sudden turn in the weather, it is funny how everybody seems to feel better! What better reason than just for the sake of feeling good can there possibly be for sending someone that you love a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The trained florists at Molly's are there to make up something beautiful and seasonal on your behalf, so just give us a call, tell us who, when and what overall colour scheme, then leave the rest to us.

Go on! Make someone smile today!

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14/05/2012: just because...

The Molly's Florist 'Just Because' BouquetWho needs a reason to show someone they care? The Molly's Florist Just Because Bouquet is for anyone who thinks that way. Each month, our skilled florists come up with a hand tied bouquet of beautiful seasonal flowers that you can send to anyone just because...

  • Just because I love you
  • Just because you are a great mum
  • Just because you have passed your driving test/exam/medical/whathaveyou
  • Just because it is Thursday
  • Just because it is your birthday/anniversary/retirement date
  • Just because you are not as well as you would like
  • Just because...
At just £30 + delivery, this is the perfect way to show you care. Click here to start the ball rolling and order a Molly's Florist 'Just Because' Bouquet for someone special today.

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